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Cognitive Wellness, LLC, was founded in 2017. Cognitive Wellness, LLC services individuals and families coping with depression, anxiety, anger management, domestic violence, grief, marital issues, and many childhood behavioral disorders. As a clinician, Jordon’s methods encourage his clients to feel confident in their treatment while he assists them with overcoming their concerns in a gentle and respectful manner.

In addition to therapeutic practice, Jordon has gained experience in dealing with behavior-crisis intervention techniques and mentoring. Jordon’s goal is to empower young people and their families with their mental health and emotional development, while empowering them as they heal from past trauma. Jordon considers himself an advocate for children and their families.

Jordon hopes to continue to provide services that focus on parents’ need for instruction and skill development to enhance parental functioning, and to assist children in fostering better relationships with themselves and with others. Jordon is an avid sports fan. He also plays chess, basketball, and enjoys watching movies.

Cognitive Wellness, LLC

Jordon Hendrieth

... a licensed clinical social worker and an adoption competent therapist!
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